Tuesday, January 18, 2011

jude's birthday: robot party

i haven't blogged in a super long time...we've had a house full of sickies...all 3 of us have been sick, and i didn't feel like blogging...but, now i'm back!  so, it's better late than never...here are pictures of jude's robot birthday party...

i made his invitation on my computer and printed them myself. the robot was super easy to make since he's just basic shapes.

i made all of the decorations, cupcake toppers, and jude's birthday hat with scrapbook paper...

since it was a robot theme, we named all of the food robotie names...robot fuel were the drinks, computer chips were potato chips, sprockets (i have no idea what they are)  were cupcakes (my vegan chocolate cupcakes with homemade vanilla icing), and robot wheels and axles were hamburgers and hotdogs (not pictured)...tools were the forks and spoons (for the container i used an old baby formula can...i love to reuse!)

our party favors were pictures of jude in a magnetic frame...the hubs made this "robot" out of his tool box (for the body) and a cheerio box with aluminum foil (for the head)...please excuse the terrible glare!

i made him a vegan chocolate cake with whipped icing...i didn't spend a whole lot of time decorating it since we had the cupcakes, and he was going to end up wearing this one...

 (notice the robot t-shirt...thanks target!)


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  1. i LOVE the pictures! you're so crafty!! :) everything looked so wonderful! my favorites are the banner that says, "jude is one" and the gift idea


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