Monday, April 1, 2013

just a bunch of random

just a bunch of random instagram pictures. if you follow along, you've already seen these. if you haven't, you can follow me here.

this little girl loves a good rocking chair. she's my old soul...always so pensive.

when daddy goes out of town for work, we live on facetime. thank goodness for technology.

yeah, we're silly. so what.

this girl already loves jewelry. lord help us.
she's a beauty. i'm praying it's more on the inside as she grows and matures.

army wives, a tv show on lifetime (that i don't watch...we don't have cable) films here in my home town. my mom was recently an she's famous.

i recently made the most amazing cake i've ever made homemade:
triple lemon cake
lemon cake with a lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream icing. 
it wasn't pretty, but it was delicious. 
i made it again for Easter.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

the time jude had his tonsils out

two weeks ago today, this little man had his tonsils and adenoids removed and tubes put in his ears. sometime after he turned two, he started snoring and breathing heavier and out of his mouth. he would also take a little gasp or cough during his his breathing was interrupted almost every night. he was tired and cranky most of the time because of this. i spoke with our pediatrician about it, she looked at his tonsils and said, whoa! those need to come out.
i mean, ginormously large tonsils.
so, off we went to the ent.
he took one look, and was like, oh yeah. there's no way gettin' around it, sister.
so, we made the appointment to have them taken out.
 so we thought it best to have them removed so he could breathe and eat easier...i.e. so he wouldn't snore, or have sleep apnea anymore, and maybe gain a little more weight and eat more. 

to prepare, grandma bought him a doctor's kit, so he could familiarize with the doctor equipment.
he thought this was cool.

before his surgery. we had to fight him to get the gown on. also, this was at 6:30 in the am. so, we also had to wake him up to bring him...which also meant he was already a little cranky from that. our pastor came and prayed with us before the nurses and anesthesiologist came to take him back.
my family has a history of malignant hyperthermia, which is a disease passed down that causes a fast rise in body temperature and severe muscle contractions and sometimes death when a person gets general anesthesia. in order to protect against an incident, the anesthesiologist takes special precautions...i.e. we're the first surgery of the day, there are only special drugs given, we had to stay overnight to make sure there's no reaction afterwards...etc.

he didn't want to wear this hat, but would for one snapshot. notice the blankie.
any lovey your child has, you'd want to take with you. it makes the before and after go a little smoother. after the surgery, the ent came and spoke with us. he said jude's tonsils and adenoids were mammoth...his term...mammoth, and they were so large for a little his size, he had a harder time getting them over the, that meant he'd had extra trauma which meant extra swelling and pain...poor baby. he gave us four scripts: an antibiotic liquid and ear drop, pain med, and a steroid, but basically we were told to hold off on the pain med and use tylenol instead unless we absolutely needed to use it.

coming out of the anesthesia was rough. he was scared, angry, confused, cranky. he wanted me to hold him, then daddy to hold him. however, daddy could only hold him for a second without feeling woozy himself and having to sit down. i wish i had a picture to document daddy with a cold towel on his forehead, head back holding his son while a nurse holds alcohol wipes under his nose so he doesn't pass out. fun times. the anesthesiologist came by to check on jude and told us the his tonsils were 'this big' while holding his hands like 2 feet apart.

i never thought i'd let my kids watch yo gabba gabba because it's weird, and i especially never thought i'd let him have a stuffed muno doll from taking him to see yo gabba gabba live...but here we are, at the hospital recovery room holding a stuffed muno...and his blankie tag.

once out of recovery, we were wheeled to our room for our overnight hospital stay. we would've been wheeled in a wheel chair, but they wanted to use that for daddy incase he passed out on the way...he refused it, so we told him we'd leave him and pretend we didn't know who he was while they took him to the er for passing out and falling in the hospital...thankfully, none of that took place. but, we were left in the hospital bed and taken to our room. 
there was a lot of cuddling and hand holding going on. basically, one of us was a constant by his side. 

we watched a lot of tv that day and kept trying to fill him with fluids. he wouldn't drink hardly a thing, and so an iv was kept in his foot, pushing fluids. we tried pop cycles, ice cream, apple juice...he wouldn't have any of it. the food service people at the hospital came by and brought him some food. they said he was on a soft diet and apparently, that meant mashed potatoes and broken up beef in gravy...cause everyone wants to eat meat right after surgery, right?!? needless to say, that wasn't touched. for dinner, he managed one noodle of mac-n-cheese.
we stayed overnight. the nurse came every 4 hours to administer tylenol, so we had a great night sleep (said no one ever who has stayed at a hospital).
the next day, we were asked if we would want to stay another night, but really we were just ready to be home. he wasn't drinking much at the hospital, and we thought he would more at home. he ate half a grilled cheese and 2 yogurts before we left the hospital.

at home, we did have some fights about drinking, and after looking at his throat, i couldn't blame him. but, he had to drink in order to not become dehydrated. we offered all sorts of drinks and goodies that equal liquid, like ice cream, popcycles, yogurt. i'm not gonna lie, recovery really was spent watching movies and playing wii, and i don't feel a bit guilty for letting him indulge. 

for the first few days, i was waking him up every 4 hours to give him the tylenol. then, we switched to alternating that with the ibuprofen. we didn't use any of the pain medicine prescribed and he was fine.
now, he's like a new little man...full of energy, sleeping longer and uninterrupted, and no snoring, i've already caught myself checking on him when he's asleep because i can't hear him sawing logs anymore. 
i'm pretty amazed by it all, and thankful we did it. 

Monday, March 4, 2013